About Us


Welcome to Bare Essentials Manila!

Our business was established in 2016 with candle making and scent-mixing. Our products have grown over the years providing home and personal care lines that aspire to create a personal sensory experience or recreate a personal memory in your own private space through our carefully curated scents.

We offer a wide range of unique scents that can recapture a delightful memory, personal to each of us. From home to body and face essentials, all products are 100% handcrafted, free from chemicals, and only uses pure essential oils for each fragrance.

Memories are recalled as BARE products help reconstruct and activate certain parts of our brain that is responsible for emotions and memory recall.

Our team also provides fully customized and hand crafted home and personal care needs. Alongside this, BARE also offers a full service on personalized gifting that works within the expressed client budget.

We hope to add fragrance in your home!